1. A friend asked me to make him digital..


  2. Layout design and photography.

    National Theatre adaptation posters for cult classic ‘Easy Rider’ by Dennis Hopper.

    (The top left one was submitted, the rest were possible outcomes)

    My Research 


  3. Illustration.

    This is a comic about myself in a mundane situation.

    My Research and breakdown of the project.


  4. Poster idea for Nick Caves song, used own hand print.


  5. Experimented with spot colour.

    I didn’t take the pictures.


  6. Workshop where I produced ‘made you think’ out of various materials, these are my preferred outcomes.


  7. Digitally rendered from hand drawn type. Experimenting with perspectives and shapes.


  8. Fineliner observational drawings of a Ram skull from different angles.


  9. Packaging.

    This is a redesign of Sainbury’s milk carton while considering Peter Dixons  designs.

    My Research and breakdown of the project


  10. This is my end product for my first project that done in college, it was about experimenting about materials and processes.

    My Research and a breakdown of the project